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Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

Great Confusion
Cage of Eden Volumes

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Akira's Death Tower Party is trying to solve the myxomycete problem. Shizuka suggests the Pyramid had a similiar incident. But Shirou doesn't believe the two are the same. Rei has a theory what might happen here. Still Shirou isn't convinced that theory is true. The lives of Rion, Akira, Yuki and Takashi depend on their solution. Kouichi takes a crack on his theory. The Building serves as a living area for researchers to live and relax. Then the biohazard broke out. The infected came to the chruch to pray, while the others tried to escape by cars. An accident occured causing the infected to escape by foot. They died out outside the entrance. Kouichi's theory seems to convince the group.

Inside the inner room, Akira and Takashi manage to remove all myxomycete slimes from the girls' bodies. Akira picks Rion's clothes up to put back on her. A model plane falls from her pocket. Akira takes a look closer and notices the number 2307 on the side. A series of flashback flashes through his mind. He is now conviced the picture is the truth. Takashi turns and sees Akira has falling down.

The Paraceratherium is still terrorizing Miina's Group. Saitou barely escapes from the Paraceratherium's stump. Miina, Duo, Heero and Quatre stand up and hurry to Miina's aid. Heero saves Miina from Paraceratherium's stump. Miina finds Miina and Takashi are still alive.

Makoto decides to check on his fellow friends. Notice the four friends are barely conscious, he hurries back to the group with the bad news. Maya wants to help out, instead of thinking how the people died here. Shirou laughs out very hard, since he has a epiphany. Very slowly he explains how more than 100 people infected at the same time. It happened in the dining hall where the people infected through orally. Daigo runs back to the dining hall to get something.


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