Great Confusion
Translated Title

Great Confusion

English Title

Great Confusion

Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

The Contents of the Bottle
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Yuki and Rion have been infected. Takashi asks how's this happening? Shirou suggested it isn't airborn infection. Kouichi reassures the group to remain calm. The fourth floor is his top priority right now.

The Paraceratherium heads toward Miina's group. Ugen requests everyone to stay close near the pile of wood. Seigou lits the pile of wood on fire. They assume the Paraceratherium wouldn't go near the fire, but they were wrong. The Paraceratherium kick the fire out. Ugen hears a scream and turns to see Takashi holds Miina hostage along with Saitou and Kubo. Takashi is certain that Miina holds the key of the island. Miina's protectors Miina, Duo, Heero and Quatre were attacked by Takashi's thugs, stand slowly up. Miina (fake) reminds Takashi that Miina lost her memory. A dark shadow looms above Saitou and Kubo and crushes Kubo. Takashi couldn't believe Kubo is dead and holds Miina in front of him to protect him from Paraceratherium.

Kouichi arrives on the 4th floor. A large double door that has a 4 digit number keys, is blocking Kouichi from entering. Knowing the combination is vast, Kouichi returns to the group on the third floor. The door is drawn of the Garden of Eden painting. Yuki and Rion seem getting worse by the minute. Akira picks Rion up and moves her to the inner room. He will attempt to remove the myxomycete by hands. Daigo suggests the infection starts by skin touch. Kanako offers Towa's scarf as protection. Akira will return for Yuki, but Takashi picks her up. Takashi refuses to let Yuki to die.

Inside the room, Takashi and Akira remove Yuki and Rion's uniforms. They see the myxomycete has reached Rion's arm and Yuki's back. Shirou is trying to solve the infection, but he couldn't figure out the cause at the beginning. Kouichi suggests they take a step back and recreate the biohazard the first time. The 4th floor is locked for the time being, so Kouichi will help them out. Shirou will attempt to solve the infection and the number key if they work together.



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