The Contents of the Bottle
Translated Title

The Contents of the Bottle

English Title

The Contents of the Bottle

Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

A Girl and Illustrated Book
Great Confusion
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Rion has collapsed in front of Akira's Death Tower Party. Akira hurries to Rion's aid. Shirou blocks Akira from touching Rion. On the side of Rion's neck a living blueish color is spotted by the group. Shizuka suspects the living tissue came from the broken bottle. Yuki confirms Shizuka's claim. Kouichi claims it's a type of myxomycete and explains what it is to the group. Akira still wants to help Rion out, but Shirou is against that. Shirou suggests the myxomycete could turn into a biohazard to everyone. The skeletons outside the building might be the result of the biohazard. Akira ignores Shirou's warning and hugs Rion tight. Takashi asks what Akira's doing? Akira will remain here with Rion and requests the group to continue without them. Kouichi speaks out first he will go ahead. Akira thanks him and leaves the leadership tasks to him. Someone else collapses and Kouichi turns to see Yuki has fell down. Shirou couldn't believe someone else has been infected.

A Paraceratherium is making its way toward the building. Ugen and the others see the animal is huge. Kubo unties Takashi Nishikiori from his rope. Takashi is glad of this turnover.



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