A Girl and Illustrated Book
Translated Title

A Girl and Illustrated Book

English Title

A Girl and Illustrated Book

Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

Figure of the Observer
The Contents of the Bottle
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Rion becomes suddenly sick and Akira decides to keep the photo as a secret. Meanwhile, on the outside a Paraceratherium is approaching the School.

Full Summary

Akira is still shocked by the Photo. Rion wakes him up by calling his name. Akira hides the photo inside his pants while she notices his pale face.

Maya hears Shirou's voice and heads toward the stairs. Shirou is done with the harddrive and requests everyone present. Maya heads back and everyone is back at the stairs. They see a detail data of Smilodon and Shirou notices the same datas as his own encyclopedia. Shizuka sees the same drawings as Miina's. Shirou looks around and finds Miina Isurugi's credit on it. Confused arises inside the group, Hideo steps in and explains the Isurugi's Koudansha publication to the group. The group is now sure Miina has something to do with this island. Shirou sees Miina as a genius with special talent. Kouichi and Maya notice Akira's absent during the dicussion. Akira denies anything is wrong and he sees Rion's leaning on a corner. Rion feels sick and falls down.

Outside the building the group is collecting piles of wood. It will scare large animals as Megatherium Americanum. Mr. Lucky and Saki see a large animal heading toward them. Miina hopes it isn't Paraceratherium.



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