Figure of the Observer
Translated Title

Figure of the Observer

English Title

Figure of the Observer

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

Timeworn Photographs
A Girl and Illustrated Book
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The mystery person who was spying Akira's Death Tower Party is finally revealed.

Full Summary

Aya jumps down from the stairs. Akira explains to the group why she jumped down. They walk down the stairs to see their stalker. Aya lands on her feet and dashs toward the stalker. Without looking, she stabs the stalker with her stick. Akira's Death Tower Party arrives from the stairs and asks Aya about the stalker. Aya points out and the group sees a mechnical robot. Hideo didn't see it for the first time. His company works on robots too. Kouichi looks in closer and discovers it is a motion sensor robot. While looking at Shirou, Kouichi rips the robot apart and takes out the harddrive. Shirou plugs it into his Laptop. Using the robot's harddrive password, Shirou will try to access into Kouichi's harddrive. But it will take time before he gains access into it. They will continue the search and later return to exam the robot again. Shizuka gazes one look back at the robot before heading back to the stairs.

The group is discussing whether they head the 4th floor first instead the third. Akira suggest they head the 4th floor first and then looking around as they come down. Makoto peeks into the third floor and sees a open door. The group will investigate it while Shirou stays at the stairs to work on the harddrive. They see the room used to be the Raika Island Supervisor's room. The room is vast and thrash. Akira finds a flute and Aya recalls Ryouichi plays the flute after school. Yuki and Takashi are shocked to hear that. Akira finds the box where the flute fell from. Inside the box Akira finds a Photo and becomes stunned. Back at the stairs, Shirou finally recovers the data from Kouichi's harddrive.



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