Timeworn Photographs
Translated Title

Timeworn Photographs

English Title

Timeworn Photographs

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

The Name of The Island
Figure of the Observer
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Death Tower Party find themselves in a room with The Island's history on the wall.

Full Summary

As they explore the building, Kouichi indicates a passage that seems to lead to the center of the building. On the other side they find a massive room filled with chairs and tables. Maya leans against a table and sneers at the boys for complaining about the dampness, but Aya impales a centipede about to crawl up her sleeve, scaring her. Shirou notices a row of portraits on the wall, which contain a group of scientists holding infant animals, including a Diatryma, a Smilodon cub, an Andrewsarchus cub, and an Arctodus Simus cub. Shirou theorizes the photos are a chronology of the island's development, and Yuki indicates other portrait showing the Pyramid, which she notes is actually called "The Factory", and included an airport as well as smaller peripheral buildings. Akira notices a portrait of The Tower and the angel statue, with Yuki saying it looks religious in nature. Kanako notices a portrait showing the Lighthouse, called "The Spiral", as well as the building that they are currently exploring, while under construction. Maya finds portraits of the human faces they had found in the caverns being carved by workers, and Akira sees an arial photograph of the mountain and speculates it was meant as a landmark. Rion finds a fallen photograph of Raika Island and hangs it up on the wall, noting that it looks awful upon further examination. Daigo says the room they're in is a dining room, as he found a kitchen further in, and Kouichi notices a door leading out. Yuki alerts Rion to the blue substance from the shattered vial that she had stepped on and Rion scrapes it off, accidentally smearing some of it on her sleeve.

In the next room, which appears to be a lobby, Kouichi indicates a map showing the layout of the interior of the building, and Maya suggests they head to the residential area on the second floor. Kouichi states there are living quarters on the third floor as well, and when they count the rooms they come up with five, with one room for each tower and a room for the leaders of the island project. Akira suggests they head to the third floor, but Yuki notices that the fourth floor is a Memorial Hall, which Daigo says means it's a mausoleum. Kanako reveals that the Tower is probably a grave and that the Tower had a "Rest In Peace" inscription beneath Miina's name, stating that the fourth floor is probably related to it and could reveal something they didn't expect. Rei cheerfully interrupts the ominous mood by telling them to hurry up, but as they climb the stairs Akira notices Aya is on edge. She tells him to go on ahead and then leaps off the railing to confront whoever has been following them.



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