The Name of The Island
Translated Title

The Name of The Island

English Title

The Name of The Island

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

God's Territory
Timeworn Photographs
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Akira asks Rion what Raika means. Shirou and Kanako are curious too. Everyone's eyes are looking at Rion. Rion feels like trap into a corner. In the end she reveals Raika is an anagram of Akira. Rion is mad at Shirou of calling her ridiculous. Yuki finds it surprising for thinking up an anagram. Rion used to play anagram with Akira's Mother. After the tension dies down, Shirou orders everyone to search around.

At the gate entrance the Miina's group reveal their discovery to the rest of the group. Everyone recalls the second night on The Island. Miina Isurugi reveals her Sketch Book to the other Miina about the Megatherium Americanum and Paraceratherium. Miina and his men are shocked to hear about the Paraceratherium. Takashi overhears the conversation and orders Kubo to take a look at her Sketch Book. He has a feeling they are going to see the live version of that picture.

Inside the church Akira notices something on the plate. Kanako wonders what's it with him? Akira points out the number 2307, feels different than the letters around it. Kanako has a feeling she has seen it before. Their conversation were cut short, because Maya finds something weird inside a piano. She hands over a silver box to Akira. Akira opens it and sees a blue solid vial. Shiuzka wants to take a look at it. According to her there is also pink and yellow mixed with the blue color. People are getting curiouser about it, Maya and Hideo want to look at it also. They wrestle about it and the vial drops to the ground broken. Everyone gaze at the broken vial and see nothing inside. Shirou speculates it had dried out for many years trapped inside and hints the danger that caused the biohazard in the first place.

Kouichi has it enough here and wants to head to the 3rd and 4th floor. Akira suggests they climb up, but Daigo has another plan. He suggests they head to the center building that might contain important clues. Unbeknownst to them, a viscous blue fluid seeps from the cracks in the vial and starts to move around and Rion accidentally steps on it.

Asuka screams and Yasunori comes to her aid. They find another corpse with the same vial Akira's Death Tower Party found earlier.



  • Number 2307 is the plane's number NA2307 Akira's Group was flying on it.

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