God's Territory
Translated Title

God's Territory

English Title

God's Territory

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

Last Request
The Name of The Island
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The search inside the School continues, and Akira's Group finds the church room with scribblings, along with the name of the island.

Full Summary

Akira's Death Tower Party is on the stairs toward the second floor. Yuki and Ugen find a empty picture frame on the wall. Rei encourages the group to move on. Rion is glad that Rei feels fine and notices Akira wasn't talking back. Akira tells the group about Tooru's words about Isurugi Corporation. The group didn't notice anything weird until Hideo figures it out. They find everything on the island doesn't add up with the time. Aya reminds everybody she felt being watch by someone. Recalling Tooru's last word, Akira reassures the group they will make it back.

On the second floor Kouichi can't find another set of stairs toward the third floor. Akira sees it and points it to the group. Upon arrival they find it completely buried and the rest of the floor is blocked by rumbles. Shirou and Kanako see a large door on the opposite direction on the second floor. Shirou thinks it has some important inside. They hurry back to the stairs and stand in front of the large door. Shirou checks below the door for safety in case of collapsing. They open the door and find a church room. Shizuka recalls the scientists created Extinct Animals on the island and it was supposed to be God's work. Kouichi suggests the Lighthouse could be a chapel and Shirou points out The Tower looks like a cross with angel statues around it. Daigo notices something beneath the statue. Akira turns down and sees a lot of scribbelings. Daigo recognises it mainly english swear words. Kanako discovers something they read it as Raika Island, Island of Disaster. Nobody recognises it except Rion.



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