Last Request
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Last Request

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Last Request

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

Invisible Observer
God's Territory
Cage of Eden Volumes

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Akira's Death Tower Party is still disbelieved what just happened. Rei is calling Tooru inside the cave-in. Group 2 on standby hear the huge sound outside the wall. Yasunori, Kairi and Momoko wonder if something happen to their group. Rei tried to help Tooru out, but she was stopped by Daigo. Akira wants to move the debris around, but Kouichi notice the ceiling is still fragile. Rion suggests they go through a window from the outside. Shizuka reminds her the windows are 2 meter height and the doors won't open.

Suddenly they hear Tooru's voice inside the cave-in. Tooru reassures them he's okay. The group is glad he's fine and also Rei is quite happy. Shizuka, Momoka and Yasunori find them and wonder what just happened. Shirou warns them about the fragile ceiling and Tooru. They couldn't help out, so they return to the entrance. Kouichi asks around what they can do. Tooru suggests they should go on with him and reminds them why they are here in the first place. Rei tells him they will back for him. The group head back leaving Akira alone with Tooru. Akira suggests Rei will keep Tooru accompany and then he notices something is wrong with Tooru. Tooru tells Akira the truth about his condition. Akira tried to get Rei, but Tooru stops him. He asks Akira to find the connection between the situation they are in and Isurugi Corporation. Aside from that Tooru requests Akira to take care of Rei and saves the others. Akira runs back to the group not before looking back for one last time.

Miina's Group is walking around the wall. Miina suggests they head back to investigate the noise they just heard and some people agree with him. Miki asks Ugen for advice. Ugen points something toward the jungle and sees something. The group walks over there and finds something on the ground. Ugen finds a flat FBR and a metal door. Heero recognises it as a propeller connected to a helicopter. Everybody is shocked to see the object is really a flat helicopter. Miina asks everyone why is it all smashed. Everyone gives a different theories. Kazunari recalls a group of Megatherium Americanum attacked them at the Plane. Asuka is afraid that might be another animal out there.

Akira's Death Tower Party walks up the stair toward the second floor. Aya still feels somebody is watching them.



Tooru Rinzai


  • Tooru is bleeding internal inside a cave-in. There is big chance he won't survive when Akira's group come back to him.

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