Invisible Observer
Translated Title

Invisible Observer

English Title

Invisible Observer

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

The Bonds of Friendship
Last Request
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Akira's Death Tower Party finds themselves in a large room. Akira asks his group to split up and search around. Takashi and Hideo find luxury seats for the reception. Kanako and Yuki find toilets under the staircase. Daigo hits the jackpot and finds the bar with intact boozes. Akira and Rion think they are in a 5-star hotel. Something caught Aya's eyes and she warns everyone they are not alone. She points a spot on the fourth floor and Makoto quickly uses his Video Camera to see it clearly. Unfortunately he couldn't get it on video. Akira shouts to ask if anyone is up there. There was no response toward his request. Aya is sure she saw someone up there. Shirou and Shizuka doubt it was human since an animal can easily snuck in. Makoto agrees with them also. Maya found something and asks Akira to come with her.

The group is looking at a model on a table. Kouichi points out that it's a model of The Island they are on. They see small models of The Tower, The Pyramid, The Lighthouse and lastly this building. Shirou compares it with Kouichi's Map and it matches. Shizuka finds a symbol craved on the side. Makoto immediately recognises it from The Tower. Using his Video Camera he shows it to Akira and it matches. Hideo recognises it as Isurugi's Mark and explains what it means. Akira is now sure that this building is hiding something that's related with the extinct animals.

Takashi's group is investigating the outside of the building. Miina and Miina had it enough waiting, so they follow after him. Heero, Duo and Quatre feel bad they don't get a chance to shine. Miina teases them a bit and the boys are charged up again. Ryouichi views the building as a prison. Asuka, Miki and other students have a feeling they've seen this building before. Asuka reminds everyone that each tower has the "Will of the Builder" in it. Mami has a bad feeling about it.

Akira's Death Tower Party is searching through a hall. Rei has a though time opening a door. Shirou explains due to the pressure from above pressing down making it harder to open. Rei refuses to give up as expected fromTooru. Rion reminds Tooru that Rei's always been interested in him. Tooru runs toward Rei just as she opens a door. Rion sees a crack above Rei. Tooru pushes Rei away and the ceiling drops at her spot along with Tooru. Everyone watches disblieved what just happened.



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