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Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Monkey Mate?
Amazing Grace
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The mysterious illness has already claimed Motoko. Will more people get infected from this disease?

Full Summary

Motoko is back in the cave and she is lying on a Leaves bed. Everyone is standing over her. She apologises for her illness. Rion notices her eyes are red. Kazuma comments they don't have a doctor here to check her out. Everyone is started to get worry about their own health. Itou notices Ono got a faver and also red eyes. As Kanako about to check on Ono, Kouichi stops her and demands the cave for his group only. Akira's Group complies his wish and step out.

Rion and Kanako are washing their clothes. The boys of Akira's Group are sitting on the other side of the rock. They discuss that Kouichi did that on purpose. Since only members of Kouichi's Group are affected. Shirou had been quiet the whole conversation, Akira asks for his opinion. He touches Shirou's back and he falls down. Akira sees he has a fever and red eyes too. He carrys Shirou back to the cave. When they arrive, Kouichi's Group were under the fever except the leader Kouichi.

Epidemic Bleed

Ono with the disease taking effect.

Akira's Group is back in the cave attending Kouichi's Group. A Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis is eating their Berries. The medicine of Kanako hasn't showed any affect. They couldn't name a sickness with all the symptoms so far. Kazuma just calls a common cold. Suddenly Ono sits up, he removes his towel off his eye. Everyone watches in horror as Ono's eyes are bleeding. Then he crashs down in front of them. Kouichi checks on him and declared his friend is dead.

After viewing the naked Ono's body, Kouichi couldn't find any clues to the illness. At least not from the outside. Akira helps Kouichi burying Ono's body. Kouichi predicts if they don't find a cure, they will probably die from this illness. He left first while Akira is thinking what he has said. As he is about follow Kouichi, his vision has turned.


Deceased Characters


Introducted Survival Items



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