The Bonds of Friendship
Translated Title

The Bonds of Friendship

English Title

The Bonds of Friendship

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

The Last Tower
Invisible Observer
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group splits into three groups. Akira's party will investigate the building itself, but unbeknownst to them they are being observed.

Full Summary

Akira's Group finds a lot of bones outside the building. Akira tells Rion to be very careful to watch her steps. Shirou thinks the bones are very old. Suddenly it hits Akira on the head. They encounter dead bodies at the Lighthouse, the Pyramid and this building. Akira calls this building "Tower of Death". Everyone seems scared of the name. Maya asks if they should pull back. Akira intends to go inside.

Shirou wants to divide the group into three. Group one will investigate the tower inside. The second group will search the surrounding area. The last group stays on stand-by and ready to aid group one. Shirou suggests group one will compose about 10 people. Rion, Kanako, Shirou will accompany Akira because of their bond of friendship from the start. Maya, Aya, Makoto, Shizuka, Yuki, Takashi volunteer to help out. Only the last three person have their hidden agenda. Rei enlists herself and Tooru. Not to left out the adult, Hideo, Seigou and Daigo will support the kids. Junichi wants to come, but they couldn't let anything happen to their doctor. Kouichi requests Saki to take care of Motoko for him. He has to go, since he's the only one who has seemed all four towers directly.

Akira's Death Tower Party composes of 15 people. Miki asks Ugen if he's staying behind. Ugen has somehing else to do. Kanako comes to him and confesses to him about the Miina's plate and what it means. Ugen seems shocked about The Tower being a gravestone. Kanako also requests him to look after Miina while she's gone.

Akira's DT Party is standing in front of the entrance. They are ready to investigate the building. Upon the entrance Shirou finds the gate was operated by electrical once. After walking through a grassfield, Akira notices something on the side. They start to run toward it and find two cars with bones inside. Kouichi finds more cars and bones on the back. Rei recognises one Yotsubishi-type car, but the second one she didn't. Takashi shouts out they find an entrance. Akira's DT Party find themself inside a large lobby room. One of the floor room a shadow creeps out and peers downstair at Akira's DT Party.



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