The Last Tower
Translated Title

The Last Tower

English Title

The Last Tower

Volume 20

Tower of Death Arc

Two Drawings
The Bonds of Friendship
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group arrives to the Last Tower.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is resting in the jungle while Aya is on the lookout. They have been traveling for 4 days after leaving the Pyramid and they haven't seen the 'building' yet. Junichi is checking up on Motoko's wound. He tells her the wound looks good, but she has to take it easy for now. Motoko wonders if it would leave a scar mark. Junichi promises her that plastic surgery can work miracle nowaday. Kouichi doesn't mind the scar and pulls her into his arms. Akira gives the signal to move out.

The group is on the move again with Aya takes the lead. Rion asks Akira if it is wise to leave with a large group. Akira wants everyone to come along, because they only need a few to investigate the building while the rest of them build a Boat. He already discussed this matter with Shirou and Ugen. They need at least build more than two boats for 80 people. Akira can't take his mind off about what Takashi said to him about the stars. Also Takeshi's been behaving well lately. Kubo gives Takeshi some water. Takeshi asks Kubo not to lose sight of Miina. Because Miina is his key to takeover.

Akira wonders when are they going to see it? According to Shirou they are close by. Maya calls for the final lap. Akira is glad they are about to end their journey since they have seen a lot since they arrive on The Island. Rion, Shirou, Miina, Kanako, Maya, Mami and Yuki recall their memories on the island. Akira hopes to find an answer inside the last building. Ryouichi runs ahead of the group and falls into a bottomless swamp. Akira tells him it's undeep river. Shirou recalls something about a river on the Map and shows it to the group. They are now close to the building. Everybody starts to run and finally they see the building on the horizon.

When they are out of the jungle, they stop and view the building as a whole. Akira and the others notice the building is only 4 floors high and a couple of buildings connecting to each other. Maya suggests it's a complex. Shirou agrees with her and notices a wall around the 'Tower'. Aya sees and points out a gate. Akira starts to run and steps on something on the ground. He was shocked to see a human skull. More human bones lie around the gate entrance. Shirou estimates about 100 human remains. Akira's Group are shocked about the discovery.



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