The Thing Stars Show
Translated Title

The Thing Stars Show

English Title

The Thing Stars Show

Volume 19

Operation Arc

Desperate Persuasion
Two Drawings
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Akira hears from Shizuka that Takashi's saying something ridiculous. Everybody doesn't want to listen any more Takashi's lies. Hatsuse mentions something that makes everybody running toward Takashi.

Ugen is standing guard over their prisoner. Ugen looks up and sees Akira and his friends are visiting him. He didn't thought Junichi is the actually doctor. Akira has it enough and demands some answer of his nonsense. Takashi slowly explains that they aren't near Okinawa. Maya doesn't believe his lie, because they have evidences. Takashi still believes his claim. The students demands some proof of his claim. Takashi merely asks the students to look up and shows them the stars. The positions of the stars are a bit different than they used to.

Takashi recalled the day before the incident. He was out in the middle of the night and he look at the sky. Above him he looked at a different stars. When the incident happened, Takashi found a watch with a compass. He adjusted the point of the compass at the sky and found the same kind of stars the night before. The group starts to believe Takashi's claim. Akira doesn't believe a word of Takashi. Shirou backs Akira up.

Saki comes by and delivers good news about Motoko. Everybody is happy about the news. But she isn't out of the woods yet, because there's still a chance of infection. Akira asks her about Kouichi. Saki can only says that he's tired and wants some alone time.

Kouichi is resting a meadow looking up. He delivers his promise to Motoko about saving her.

At a campfire Rei thanks Junichi for his job and gives him some food. Daigo apologises for his harsh words earlier. Junichi already had let down a lot of people on The Island. Daigo cheers him up with other words. Rei is glad that Junichi is the real doctor. She was afraid some weird guy would go after her nice body. Hiroki's spirit comes by and wishes him well.

Near the campfire Shirou is working on his Laptop. Akira is checking up on his progress. Shirou attempts to connect Kouichi's harddisk, but it has some heavy protection codes. It requires more time to decrypt. Akira's still bothered by Takashi's claim. Shirou agrees with him, but if they go out now. They would die on the ocean.

Inside her tent Saki is glad that Motoko's recovering. However she considers Motoko as her rival. Michika finds Miina's drawings very skilled. Saki looks at the drawings and finds it familiar. Inside her pocket she takes out a sketch she recovered from the Lighthouse. She compares the sketch and finds it the same kind.



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