Desperate Persuasion
Translated Title

Desperate Persuasion

English Title

Desperate Persuasion

Volume 19

Operation Arc

Dangerous Operation
The Thing Stars Show
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Junichi is still doubting about the operation. Akira is saying to him he will do it. Junichi complains about his shaking hands and the blood vomit. Akira has it enough and grabs him by his shirt. They rely on him, but Junichi couldn't do it. Junichi points out that Kouichi will perform the operation, but Akira knows there's a slim chance of success. Akira has seen enough deaths on the island. But he's confident they might save one this time. He asks Junichi one last time. Junichi is speechless. Daigo comes along and points out Hiroki's tragic death. Hiroki believed his father is the best doctor in the right. Daigo wishes Hiroki wouldn't see his father state right now. Junichi gets flashblacks from his son. His eyes are tearing up. Daigo asks Junichi to be the best doctor his son was so proud of.

Saki, Michika and Makiko are inside Motoko's tent. They have found a real doctor and ask her to wait a bit longer.

Junichi gives Akira and Ryouichi instructions about boiling waters. Akira doesn't understand the uses of boiling waters. Junichi intends to wash the insides of Motoko's stomach. Kouichi brings the sterilized tools to Junichi. Junichi and Kouichi will perform the operation while the rest are standing outside. Junichi's hand is still shaking. Momoka grabs his hand and holds it steady. She calms him down, because she believes in him. Riongrabs his hand and gives some encourage words. Soon after everyone grabs his hand and their blessings. Akira is the last one who gave his blessing. Junichi realises his hand is a bit warm now. It reminds him about his son again. Junichi walks into the tent and finds Kouichi is ready. Saki and Makiko are there to assist. Kouichi gives Junichi the heads up about Motoko's condition. Junichi uses acupuncture to relief Motoko from pain. Kouichi is impressed of Junichi's knowledge.

Akira's Group is waiting outside Motoko's tent. Rion notices Akira's worried about something. It reminds Akira about his Mother. He is wondering what she's doing right now. Rion feels bad and tells him to wait a bit longer. Akira intends to head to the west after the operation. He recalls the fourth Tower and decides to check it out for clues about the mysterious island they are on. Then they will head back to Japan. Ryouichi recalls being close to Okinawa. Shizuka overhears something about Okinawa from Takashi.



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