Dangerous Operation
Translated Title

Dangerous Operation

English Title

Dangerous Operation

Volume 19

Operation Arc

Who is the Doctor?
Desperate Persuasion
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Junichi's past is revealed as well as his reason, why he hid the fact that he is a doctor.

Full Summary

Everybody is stunned Junichi being a doctor. Akira wants the truth from him. He was speechless when asks if he's the only doctor onboard. Ryouichi questions his blood vomit act. Kouichi doesn't care as long he can operate on Motoko. Junichi still refuses to operate. Junichi has no choice to ask his knowledge and operates on his own. Everybody is appalled from Junichi's words. Junichi reminds everybody how Junichi let Watanabe and his Watanabe's Daughter died without lifting a finger. Akira doesn't believe Junichi can operate and without proper tools. Motoko left her fate to Junichi if there's no other way. Saki backs Kouichi's side. Kouichi orders Akira's Group to find the proper tools.

Everybody gather the right tools. Akira asks Shirou's advice. Shirou thinks it's possible even from an ancient Inka Kingdom. Junichi finally speaks out and diagnoses another symptoms. He describes the conditions to Saki and Makiko. Daigo is ashamed of himself being an adult as the children are trying to save a life. Junichi tells everyone to shut up. He can't do it because he has killed a human with his hands.

Five years ago a boy was run over by a truck and was transfered to his hospital, where it was discovered that he had 6 broken bones and various damaged organs. Prior to operation, Junichi's collega warned Junichi about his lack of sleep who just ignored the advice, leading Junichi to confuse the artery for a vein and leading to kid's death. Momoka doesn't feel irrevelant to Motoko's operation. Junichi reveals the boy was his son.

Prior to the incident Junichi and his son were taking a stroll. Hiroki Mutou took first place with his painting. He drew his father with his doctor's uniform. When he grew up he wants to be a doctor like his father. Mutou believed his dream.

Ever since Junichi went into the operation room he recalled his son's dead face. His hands shaked and started to vomit upon seeing blood. Akira grabs a hold of Junichi and feel sympathise with him, but he's sick of seeing people die. He wants him to save a life.



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