Secret of the Devil
Translated Title

Secret of the Devil

English Title

Secret of the Devil

Volume 19

Showdown Arc

The Result of Vote
Who is the Doctor?
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira fights Takashi to save his group and Motoko's life, and manages to defeat him. However, after the defeat, Takashi reveals he is not a doctor at all.

Full Summary

Akira wants to end this and Takashi's fight finally. Hideo however warns him not to beat Takashi up too much, so they need him to save Motoko. Seigou however agrees with Akira that Takashi's reign must come to its end now. Takashi and Akira engage in their battle and Takashi orders his men not to interfere. As the battle commences, Takashi grabs some dirts and tosses into Akira's face temporary blinding him and bashes Akira's head with a stick. Then Takashi reveals his point of view about humans and how to survive on the island. Just when Takashi is about to deal the blow, Akira blocks Takashi's attack and states how he disagrees with him. In his opinion, the reason they have survived so far and the way to survive comes from combining everyones power, not from dictatorship. To counter his argument, Takashi compares Akira to himself, but Ryouichi and Shirou disagree with Takashi and agree with Akira. With one last punch from Akira, Takashi collapses on the ground, laughing at their friendship. He reminds them about the voting and that someone had turned out to be traitor, only to make Rion confess that she wrote her own name on the ballot since she believed Akira and the rest would make it in time to save them. It was the last straw for Takashi, who orders his men to kill Akira's Group. Some of them are ready to attack, but they were stopped by Shiraishi, who admits she doesn't want to obey Takashi anymore and he asks his group to do the same. Takashi repeats his order in attempt to hold his control over his group, but in vain. Akira orders him to stand down and save Motoko. Takashi however states that she cannot be saved since he isn't a doctor, but a medical representative at Kazuka Medicine Industry. Due to his work he has knowledge about diseases and medicine and then they first encountered the Pyramid and the people felt ill, Takashi knew about the symptoms and the cause. He decided to devised a plan to make him the leader and the rest of the group his slaves. However, Kanako then recalls that during the flight there was supposed to be a doctor onboard.



  • Takashi used to work at a Kazuka Medicine Industry as Medical Representative.

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