The Result of Vote
Translated Title

The Result of Vote

English Title

The Result of Vote

Volume 19

Showdown Arc

Wicked Vote
Secret of the Devil
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Takashi's group clashes with the remaining members Akira's group. Meanwhile, Duo, Heero and Quatre manage to release the girls. 

Full Summary

Takashi's men get their weapons ready, but they don't need to worry since their opponents are 10 weak boys. Takashi finds their action foolish. Both group are fighting each other. Akira orders his group to make their stand here. Unknown Male #1 and Unknown Male #2 notice Kouichi's movement a bit slow than normal. They order their group to concentrate their attack on Kouichi and the rest will fall easily. Akira was hoping for that kind of attack just as he plans it. Junichi and Ryouichi are sneaking past the tents. They are disgused as women's clothes. At basecamp they devised a plan to rescue the hostages by infiltrate the camp using disguses and a diversion. Between the tents they find the cage holding the girls as hostages. The girls don't recognise Ryouichi's voice at first, but accept his weird disguse. Before Ryouichi get to free his friends someone hit him on the head.

Akira´s men are surrounded by Takashi's men, but they still are fighting. Takashi interrupts the fight and asks Akira to view his new hostages Ryouichi and Junichi. He anticipates Akira will save the hostage so he sets up a trap. Since they have failed a rescue attempt, they will kill one of the women. Takashi prefers Akira and his friends to run since they will execute the women inevitable. Akira believes on their friends than Takashi. Takashi orders his men to bring Rion out. Akira couldn´t believe Rion is the first to girl to die. Takashi explains the ballots of the vote. Rion isn't scared by the vote and challenges Takashi's wish. Kubo interrupts and asks Takashi to grant his wish to have his way with Rion. After granting it, Kubo is hit by his head by an unknown assailant. Takashi turns and sees Rion´s hands untied. Rion reveals her ropes were cut from the beginning. She puts up this act to buy enough time. Takashi's hostages are freed and are armed with Spears. This time they will stick together as a group. Duo, Heero, Quatre reveal themselves and their master plan to everyone. Takashi orders his men to attack the women, but they couldn't get near them. Rion orders everyone to fight and encourages Akira to bring Takashi down. Before Takashi can curse her, Akira hit him with his fist.




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