Monkey Mate?
Translated Title

Monkey Mate?

English Title

Monkey Mate?

Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira is in the domain of the Megaladapis Edwardsi. Will he and the other boys survive from there?

Full Summary

Akira follows Kouichi toward Kouichi's boys. Itou, Ono and Mikoshiba see them coming. They have not sense the danger above them. Kouichi puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out his Keys. Akira wanders what will he do with a set of keys? As a Megaladapis Edwardsi is near toward Itou, Kouichi quickly hits it with his fist with keys. More Megaladapis Edwardsis are coming out from the trees. They attack Akira and Kouichi's gang. Akira and Kouichi are trying to defend themselves. All hope is lost, until something hit the Megaladapis Edwardsis fast and hard. All the animals let go of their hold on the boys. Kouichi kicks the animal with his leg. It is revealed that Kouichi was flipping his coins at the Megaladapis Edwardsis. The animals have regrouped from a distance, but they are still in danger. Kouichi leaps behind and free the baby from the ground and toss it in the air. Megaladapis Edwardsis reacted this act and climb away from them. The boys are relieved to see their leader. Kouichi slaps Ono in his face for his act. Next comes Itou's hit. Before he does that Kouichi sees on his side that a single Megaladapis Edwardsi is still attacking Akira. Akira tries to tell the monkey-like that his friends are already gone. He asks for help from Kouichi, but he just stares at him and laughs. Both the monkey-like and Akira are confused by Kouichi's laughter. The Megaladapis Edwardsi jumps away, not before he kicked Akira's back. As Kouichi and his boys walk away, Akira is still confused about Kouichi's laugh and his personality.

It is the next morning. Akira's Group are talking about the action of Kouichi's boys. Kazuma is trying to find out what Akira did to save the boys. He now has a chance to crush the boy's morals. Akira doesn't think they are all bad. Rion and Kanako also agree with Akira. Motoko is surprised despite the various personalities of Akira's Group, they can work together. And the leader of this group is Akira himself. Motoko's prioity is get them home and to their parents. Akira's group's spirit has charged up because of Motoko's goal. When they turn and look at Motoko, she is lying on the ground. Akira's Group is worried about her, even Kouichi. Motoko has a slight fever. Kanako is getting a wet towel for her.


Introducted Survival Items



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