Hidden Message
Translated Title

Hidden Message

English Title

Hidden Message

Volume 19

Showdown Arc

Battle of the Dark Night
Wicked Vote
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is captured by Nishikiori's Group. Takashi decides to play a deadly game. Within Nishikiori's Group the otaku's men have a mission on their own.

Full Summary

Kanako, Rion and Yuki are surrounded by Takashi's men. Four men try to disable Yuki. Akira comes by and whacked Yuki's attackers with his shield. He saves Yuki, but Takashi's men hold Kanako and Rion as hostage. They order Akira to stand down. Maya and Aya continue to fight. Back-to-back they are surrounded by the men. Someone tells them to see their friends in bindings. In the end they surrender their weapons. Akira calls it unfair. Unknown Male #2 hits him hard. Kanako, Rion and Yuki plead him to stop. Kouichi hears that and try to save Akira, only Saitou is standing before him. Saitou orders him not to fight back or someone will pierce Saki's eye. Saitou finally has his revenge on Kouichi. The girls are forced to watch as the Takashi's men destroy the men. Takashi arrive at the camp to watch Akira's crushed face. At first he wanted to kill all the men, but on a second thought he wants to suffer them some more. He wants to play a game. They will release the men. Unknown Male #12 suggests they will come back. Takashi isn't afraid of the rescue. Because should they fail, then one of the women will be killed. If the men don't come to the rescue, every 2 hours 1 girl will be killed. Takashi gives them the choice how they should die. Among the girls there is another game in progress. Takashi plans to give the girls the choice who should die first. Ugen, Seigou and Daigo will be held in prison, while the boys will be dropped somewhere in the jungle.

The men are beaten and bruised. Akira and Kouichi wonder what they should do next. Momoka, Miina, Miina and Motoko are waiting for their friends to return. On the horizon Momoka sees only the men return. They tell them what happened at Takashi's camp. Miina suggests they save the hostages first. He asks Akira about his Miina's Charm. Akira lost his Charm during the fight. Miina is pleased about the lost. The Otaku's men find Akira's Charm and open it. It turns out to be Miina's underwear. Inside there is a secret message for them. They see it as their mission to help Miina's cause.



  • Otaku's men names are revealed: Duo, Heero and Quatre.

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