Battle of the Dark Night
Translated Title

Battle of the Dark Night

English Title

Battle of the Dark Night

Volume 19

Showdown Arc

New Strategy
Hidden Message
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group attacks Takashi's camp, but only to find out Takashi has fleed the camp and has set a trap for them.

Full Summary

Takashi expects Akira's Group will attack soon. Unknown Male #12 thinks that group has 30 people. Takashi reassures him the group is mainly women. If they attack the women the men will surrender. After they dispose of the men, they can whatever with the women.

Akira's Group is viewing Takashi's camp just inside the jungle. Akira wants to capture the leader Takashi to disrupt the command system within the group. The group will protect Takashi at any cost. They need to disable everyone on the base. Shirou reviews the attack plan to everyone. Akira's and Shirou's teams will attack at different direction. During the attack if there is an opening at Takashi's position, Kouichi's team will move out. Kouichi's team is ready to capture Takashi. Yuki doesn't want to kill anyone during the attack. Akira agrees and plans to capture Takashi in order to perform Motoko's surgery. All three teams move out to their positions. Rion notices Akira dropped something from his pocket. It's Miina's Charm. He asked him not to open it until he's trapped. Rion seems a bit jealous of Miina's affection toward Akira.

Unknown Male #12, Saito and Kubo suggest Takashi to hide. Takashi isn't afraid of bunch of kids. Unknown Male #2 runs toward them and tells them the kids have arrived. Akira's team attacks Nishikiori's Group from the west. Aya attacks unknown Male with 2 sharp sticks, but she prefers to find the middle-aged man (ch130) that wacked her before. Akira notices his group is fighting well. Someone yells Shirou's team invades from the east. Maya advances her group with ease. Shirou feels something is not right with Takashi's defense. Takashi's bodyguards yells another team is coming. Kouichi is tearing through the defense. Takashi sees him and turns to flee. Saito is ready for a rematch, but Kouichi defeats him a single punch. Daigo, Takashi and Saki are speechless from his strength. Kouichi finally captures Takashi and annouces it to everyone. Akira and Shirou are glad to hear the news. Kouichi moves Takashi upclose to him and finds a Takashi's imposter. He tells Akira about the imposter. Above a hill Takashi oversees the whole event. He orders his group not to hold back any longer. Kanako, Rion and Yuki seem surrounded by men.


Introducted Survival Item



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