New Strategy
Translated Title

New Strategy

English Title

New Strategy

Volume 18

Showdown Arc

Sudden Assault
Battle of the Dark Night
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Both Akira's Group and Kouichi's Group plan to attack Nishikiori's Group. Inside Takashi's camp, Takashi devises a counterattack.

Full Summary

Kouichi's Group arrives at the rendezvous point and meets up with Akira's Group. Akira apologizes to Kouichi for failing to capture Takashi. Asuka takes the blames for trusting her friends. They stop arguing after hearing Motoko's pain. Kouichi estimates she has less than a week to live. Akira can't negotiate Takashi to operate Motoko right now. Maya suggests to take Takashi's power away from him. The men won't rebel him because he's the only doctor on The Island. They could offer the ones who want to go to Okinawa. Shizuka has doubts about the plan. Maya plans to attack and forces them to see the evidence they have found so far. Still they are outnumbered from Nishikiori's Group. Saki compares Kouichi's strength to 10 adults. They have defeated many various Extinct Animals and this time is no different.

Akira's Group is sleeping in the jungle. Akira and Shirou are planning a strategy. Seigou joins them by the Campfire. Akira asks Seigou about the meaning "Humans are the most terrible animals". Humans are capable to do horrible things than other animals. But Seigou fears they need to prepare themselves for their opponents.

Aya is standing above the tree. Akira awaits her report from the ground. It seems Takashi's men are gathered near his hut. Akira and Shirou are planning to hold a guerilla tactics. They will split into 3 attack unit, while Momoka, Miinas and Motoko will stay behind.

Takashi's men are making weapons. Saito wonders what are they going to do with Kouichi? Takashi prefers they aim for their weak point - the women. It will force the men to surrender. Takashi will handover the women to his men. The men are happy about the idea. Takashi awaits the attack.



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