Sudden Assault
Translated Title

Sudden Assault

English Title

Sudden Assault

Volume 18

Showdown Arc

The Most Terrible Animal
New Strategy
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group manages to capture Takashi until Shiraishi and Arisa help him free.

Full Summary

Makiko and Michika are on their knees begging Takashi. They would do anything to save Motoko. Takashi suggests them to be comfort women for his men. Makiko and Michika find that suggestion uncomfortable. Motoko speaks out, saying she's fine. Takashi laughs hard, making them to think he was serious about the idea. Takashi and his men left the tent. A Flash Grenade falls nearby them. It causes a bright light. Someone twists Takashi's hands to his back. Akira's Group has come to capture him and talk some sense to his group. Shizuka gives Ugen compliment for his homemade Flash Grenade. Daigo's Masks provide them to move around during the bright light. Takashi recognises Akira's voice during the chatter and blames Kouichi. Kouichi arrives in Motoko's tent. He picks Motoko up and tells the girls to move out.

Akira sees some commotion within Takashi's base. He orders Asuka to keep a lookout. Shiraishi and Arisa catch her on time after Asuka almost slipped from a cliff. She's glad to see her friends and asks them join her group. Shiraishi and Arisa wouldn't dare to leave without Takashi's permission. Asuka reveals they have captured their leader Takashi and they are on their way back to The Tower. With no other choice they choose to follow Asuka. They catch up with Akira's Group and with one dark look from Takashi, Shiraishi and Arisa shiver from fear. Kairi questions Asuka about her two friends. Asuka reassures him until she notices her friends are gone. Akira was leading Takashi when Shiraishi hit him with a stick. Shiraishi is swinging around out of fear. Akira turns and sees his prisoner is gone. Takashi, Shiraishi and Arisa are fleeing into the jungle. He won't forgive Akira for his act. Akira's Group can't find Takashi anywhere. Saki blames Asuka for her fault. Seigou understands the kids' mind controlled state. He fears this will lead to a bloodsoaked conflict.


Introducted Survival Item



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