The Most Terrible Animal
Translated Title

The Most Terrible Animal

English Title

The Most Terrible Animal

Volume 18

Showdown Arc

Good Teacher
Sudden Assault
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is on its way to the Pyramid. They still need a plan to capture Takashi.

Full Summary

Akira's Group has been traveling for three days and one more day till the Pyramid. Using Yarai's Map they were able to take the shortest route. Kouichi ask Akira what are they going to do with Takashi? Being the only doctor on The Island makes him king. Nobody has a good plan to force Takashi to do the surgery. Akira requests Daigo and Junichi for ideas. Junichi prefers they call off the rescue plan. Daigo compares Takashi's rule like the Nazi's whistle blowing. Nobdoy would dare to oppose Takashi. Saki's impressed by Daigo's knowledge despite being a Yakuza. Daigo reveals he's actually a writer. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Junichi is a bonesetter back home. Momoka recalls Junichi did judo and wonders if he's strong. Daigo pours animal's blood down his hand and Junichi starts to puke from the sight of blood. In the end Akira still hasn't got a plan against Takashi. Shizuka wonders if Ugen has a plan. He shows Shizuka and Asuka a homemade dynamite, but what it does, remains a secret. Seigou notices the commotion and tries to peek the girl's underwears. Not before long Maya, Rion and Yuki catch his act. They beat him hard before he escapes from this punishment.

Seigou and Akira are sitting on a log. Seigou recalls the colors of the girl's underwears very well. Akira has no time laugh at this moment. Seigou reminds him that this probably is the last time he will laugh. He questions Akira what is the most terrible animal in the world? As it turns out humans is the worst. Akira is puzzled by the answer. Seigou cautions Akira to prepare for the things he will experience on this rescue plan. Kanako is writing RIP on the ground. Both Miina's are playing nearby. She wonders if The Tower is actually Miina's tomb.

Takashi and his men are inside the DNA Vault. He compares the vault as modern Noah's Ark and as old as 50-60 years. His men are suprised by the vault's age. Takashi explains in wartime science will develop faster then normal. However at the entrance of the sealed door he notices the many languages writings. Back at the tents, Motoko is in pain. Makiko and Michika try to comfort her, but no vain. Akira's Group finally sees the Pyramid on the horizon.


Introducted Survival Item

Flash Grenade


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