Good Teacher
Translated Title

Good Teacher

English Title

Good Teacher

Volume 18

Showdown Arc

Light and Shadow
The Most Terrible Animal
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group decides to leave The Tower to go to the Pyramid and to save Motoko's life.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is gathered around Akira and Kouichi. Akira asked his group to save Motoko's life. The group is puzzled by the request. Akira explains Motoko is in Takashi's place and has a life threatening illness. Kouichi suggests she only has week left. Ryouichi wonders why Kouichi left her side? Saki knows the truth about Kouichi's dilemma, but remains silence. Akira tells the group that Kouichi came here for help. Shirou recalls the time that Takashi refused to treat Watanabe and his Daughter and left them to die. Akira's Pyramid Party was almost killed by him too. Akira can't count Takashi to save Motoko's life. Hideo will not risk his life to save an unknown person. He suggests they should be making Boats and go to Okinawa. Yasunori volunteers to join the rescue party. About a year ago he was suspected of shoplifting and Motoko came by and managed to convice the manager of his innocent. Koyomi recalls the time they were forced to run 20 laps by their teacher Ikou and Motoko ran with them together. Ryouichi has another story involving Motoko with swimming. After hearing many Motoko's good deed stories, everyone agrees to go after Motoko. Even Hideo has to go with the majority. With everyone consent, Akira decides they will go the Pyramid. The sun has risen between the mountain tops. Takashi preps the group for departure. Shirou comes by and asks Akira what he's looking at the paper? It turns out to be Kouichi's Map. He wants to vist the 4th tower. According to Kouichi, people might still lived there. Akira wants to know what The Island is. Maya agrees with Akira and she's okay if they take a little detour. While everyone start to leave, Kanako gazes one more time at Miina's plate. She is quite positive the second line is in latin phrase "Requiescat in Pace" - Rest in Peace. The Tower would be then a tomb.


Introducted Character



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