Light and Shadow
Translated Title

Light and Shadow

English Title

Light and Shadow

Volume 18

Failed Experiment Arc

Cross Fire
Good Teacher
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group finally manages to kill the Chimera, while Kouhei is still taking on with Chimera II.

Full Summary

Akira's Group sees a black school uniform. Ryouichi recognises his uniform that he loan to Miina. Akira and Kanako come to the same conclusion. Miina was swallowed whole along with the uniform. Akira slowly unwraps the uniform and sees Miina's face.

Beneath the surface Hades and Yuki watch as Kouhei and Chimera II are fighting for their lives. Both of them are bleeding everywhere. They conclude the fight will end soon.

Above the trapdoor entrance a couple of people are guarding it. Two people hold Ryouichi's legs as he peeks inside. He doesn't see any other monsters, but they have to be vigilant. Akira, Shirou, Takashi and Kouichi examine Chimera's body. They find the monster is a mixture of different kind of animals. They are a bit scared since it was man-made with a frightening level of technical ability. Shirou feels good that everyone was fine. Miina comes and says hi to Akira. Akira is amazed to see him up and awake. Miina teases Akira if he wants to check him up himself. Akira recalls he thought he was dead back at camp. Miina barely breathed when he unwrapped the uniform. Rei catches Miina and holds him tight. The group celebrate by throwing him in the air. Rion and the others girls join the party. While in the air Miina is lost in his thoughts. He finds these people weird, since he doesn't trust people even with his last group. But these people are very cheerful and so stupid. Yuki comes to check the wounded people up. Momoka, Kairi, Tooru and others are well. Momoka asks Yuki's health and talks about Chimera II's death. Mami and others speculate that someone causes Chimera II to fall back into the entrance and die on its own. Yuki recalls in her thoughts about the aftermath between Chimera II and Kouhei.

Chimera II lied dead on the ground. Kouhei removed a horn from the monster. Yuki seemed surprised to see Kouhei win. Hades analysed the battle and concluded Kouhei will win eventually or die trying. Yuki walked toward Kouhei and gave her thanks for saving her and the lives above. She asked him to join them. They might sailing home very soon. Kouhei refused to go. His hands has killed numerous people. He can't go back anymore. Hades found a tunnel that leads to outside. Before he left with Hades, Kouhei asked Yuki not to mention him to Akira. He is now the opposite of Akira and will definitely protect him. Yuki finds it a miracle to see Kouhei alive, but she hopes she will see him in the furture.

Akira calls everyone for a meeting. He and Kouichi have a favor to ask.



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