Cross Fire
Translated Title

Cross Fire

English Title

Cross Fire

Volume 18

Failed Experiment Arc

Kouhei Arita
Light and Shadow
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group manage to kill Chimera while Kouhei still keeps on fighting Chimera II.

Full Summary

Akira's Group attack with its spears at once. Chimera howls from the pain. They continue poking on its belly. Akira notices Chimera's tongue comes out. It hits Makoto and Aya. Kouichi encourages everyone to continue its attack and tells Akira to watch Chimera's face. It's on death throes.

Kouhei and Chimera II are facing each other at close range. Chimera II leaps against the wall and bounces toward Kouhei. Hades predicts it will have the same result like last time. Yuki wishes Kouhei to dodge its attack, but stuns when Kouhei walks toward Chimera II instead evading its attack. With a right fist, Kouhei manages to hit one spot before crashing against the ground. Hades has seen enough and starts to leave the area. Yuki tells him to wait and points toward Chimera II. It has a bloody left eye. Hades understands now. Since Kouhei will receive injuries from its attack. Kouhei will now do the same thing to Chimera II. Now it depends who's body will fall down first.

Most of Akira's Group are lying on the ground following Chimera's attack. Akira and Kouichi watch as Chimera starts to fall down. The group cheers as they manage to defeat such animal. Kanako, Ryouichi and Momoka come to watch the animal. On its last desperated act Chimera opens its mouth to swallow Kanako whole. Mami warns Kanako to run away from it. Akira and Kouichi quickly arrive and hit Chimera's heads. This time they check it's really dead. Saki compliments Mami's keen observant, but Mami already knows that. Mami's prediction has come true. Instead of fighting against each other, they defeat Chimera together. They are about to cut Chimera's belly open. Daigo offers to lend his blade to Akira. Ryouichi's negative thoughts about stomach juices was halted by Shirou. Akira slowly cuts a line open. A black shape rolls out.



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