Kouhei Arita
Translated Title

Kouhei Arita

English Title

Kouhei Arita

Volume 18

Failed Experiment Arc

Two Monsters
Cross Fire
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Mami and Saki arrive back in time to witness the ambush on Chimera. Meanwhile inside the traphole Kouhei is fighting for his live against Chimera II. Yuki and Hades watch the battle at the sideline.

Full Summary

Mami and Saki finally return to the base. They were just in time witnessing Chimera II emerged from the traphole and later pulled back inside. On the other side they see Chimera heading toward their group. They wonder what's going on?

Inside the traphole Kouhei is wrestling with Chimera II. Yuki can't believe her eyes. She's having flashbacks about the time with Kouhei on The Island. Hades explains to her that Kouhei is immortal. Chimera II lift Kouhei up with its horns and tosses him away. Kouhei lands on a pile of bones. Chimera II runs toward him. Kouhei counters by striking him a sharp bone on its nose area. Chimera II howls from pain. Kouhei uses all its strength and slams it against the wall. Yuki is amazed of Kouhei's ability. Hades explains further of Kouhei's adrenaline rush causing him to use up 100% of his strength. Chimera II backs up a bit and prepares a different attack strategy. As Kouhei prepares for his defense, Hades and Yuki are trying to figure out Chimera II's next attack. Chimera II runs toward the wall. The trio are stunned of its tactic. Chimera II leaps against the wall and bounces toward Kouhei very fast. Kouhei has no time to react its attack. It sends Kouhei crashing against a pile of bones. Yuki calls for Kouhei, but he didn't reply back. Hades is amazed of Chimera II's secret weapon. Yuki notices Chimera II's legs are like a wild goat. Kouhei has dislocated his shoulder during the last crash. He is no match for Chimera II, but Kouhei refuses to back down. Hades tells Yuki how he and Kouhei found her group a few days ago and secretly observing them. They saw Miina got eaten by Chimera while Chimera II slowly emerged from the traphole. Akira's Group had their hands full with Chimera so they couldn't defeat both Chimeras at the same time. Kouhei has no choice, but to defeat Chimera II alone. Yuki now knows the reason why Kouhei is fighting with all its strength. Kouhei manages to pop back his shoulder and gets ready for the next round with Chimera II.

Back on the surface, Akira and his group are waiting for Chimera to walk into their trap. With each step they wait until Akira sees the belly of the beast. He calls everyone to attack.



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