Two Monsters
Translated Title

Two Monsters

English Title

Two Monsters

Volume 18

Failed Experiment Arc

Dangerous Strategy
Kouhei Arita
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group prepares themselves to ambush Chimera. Yuki finds Hades and Kouhei inside the traphole.

Full Summary

Ryouichi and Kanako are stunned a Chimera II comes out from the traphole. Akira has enough hiding from the Chimera and decides to take action. Kouichi pulls him back to their hiding place. Chimera is still far away from their ambush spot. The plan wouldn't work if they didn't attack at the same time. Chimera II suddenly pulls back into the traphole. It falls into the dark abyss. Akira's Group is stunned by Chimera II's mystery falling. It gives Akira new hope. Chimera starts walk toward the Campfire. The campfire is a lot bigger thanks to Ryouichi burning his clothes. Kanako will help out by burning hers. Akira's Group prepares themselves as Chimera slowly heads toward the ambush spot. Hiding inside his camouflage Kouichi wonders who pulled Chimera II down.

Yuki regains concouisness inside the traphole. She has fallen inside and lands soft on animal bones. Behind her she hears an animal's sound. Chimera II is attacking someone. Hades warns her to keep quiet and stay down to avoid expose her present. Yuki wonders who he is. Hades introduces himself to her. Chimera II keeps missing its target. Hades reassures her that mystery person won't be harmed by the animal. He found him by the river after a hard rain. When he woke up, he acquired quite a fearsome power. The person stops Chimera II by holding its horns. Hades suggests the person has killed people before. Yuki is shocked to hear that. He gives hints who's that mystery person. Yuki adds the hints together and knows that person is actually Kouhei.


Returned Characters

Hades, Kouhei Arita


  • Hades has returned to the storyline after being absence since Chapter 20.
  • Kouhei has returned from the dead since Chapter 36. It was assumed he died during the flashflood.

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