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Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Eloquent Lip
Monkey Mate?
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group meets up with Kouichi's Group. Is the new group the new danger for them or not?

Full Summary

The rest of Kouichi's Group has come out of the bushes: Itou, Ono and Mikoshiba. They are standing five by five in front of each other. Akira extends his hand to welcome them, Kouichi just walks by him. Kouichi and the boys head straight into the cave. The boys ransack the place and harass Akira's Group. They don't even listen to Motoko, until Kouichi speaks out for food. They obey immediately.

Shirou is still working on his Laptop. He is verifying his research on Arsinoitherium. Shirou is trying to explain why the data on Arsinoitherium doesn't match with the real one. "Nature doesn't jump" in evolution, says Kouichi. He is sitting next to the Arsinoitherium and explains the Darwin's Theory to them. Akira is surprised that he knows this kind of stuff. Rion just arrives and she was talking with Akira about her injury when Kouichi overhears the last part. Kouichi rips her uniform off and reveals her scar to him. Akira punches him in the face, but Kouichi just smiles and he walks away. Not before he tells them the shoulder to the elbow needs to be fixated and she has not to move it for 2-3 days. Motoko has seen what Kouichi had done and demands an explaination. Akira wanders what kind of person Kouichi actually is. Motoko explains the history of Kouichi to Akira and Rion.

A baby Megaladapis Edwardsi is buried under the ground. An arrow just shot passed the baby. Mikoshiba has a Bow in his hand and Ono carrys the Arrows. Itou just watches the show. Akira's Group hears some animal noise coming from the jungle and they know the boys are in there too. Akira follows the noise and sees what they are doing there. As he looks up, he sees lots of pairs of eyes looking at the boys. Coming from behind Akira, Kouichi walks very cool toward his boys. Akira warns him about the danger from above. Kouichi just smiles and dashes forward. Akira wanders what is he planning to do?


Introducted Characters

Kouichi's Father, Kyoko

Introducted Extinct Animals

Megaladapis Edwardsi

Introducted Survival Items

Bow & Arrows


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