Dangerous Strategy
Translated Title

Dangerous Strategy

English Title

Dangerous Strategy

Volume 18

Failed Experiment Arc

Swallowing Whole
Two Monsters
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi explains his revised plan to defeat the Chimera and to save the Miina. However, as they are about to execute it, another Chimera appears from the trapdoor.

Full Summary

Akira wants to know Kouichi's plan to risk everyone lives. Kouichi suggests Chimera's eyes are the weakness. It couldn't see Miina hiding inside a school uniform. He thinks Chimera's visual acuity and color discrimination ability are likely extremely poor. They will use its weakness to save Miina.

Chimera sees a fire very far from it. Ryouichi, Momoka and Kanako are making a fire. They will lure Chimera toward them. Kouichi planned to attack Chimera's stomach using everyone. He asked Ryouichi for an important task. Momoka and Kanako will help him out. Chimera walks slowly toward them. They are surprised to see that movement. Everyone is hiding inside their camouflage. Chimera walks past them without noticing anything wrong. Everyone waits for Akira's signal to attack Chimera's belly. Akira was about to call out the signal when Chimera stops suddenly. They hear another roar inside the traphole. Another Chimera emerges from the hole. Ryouichi, Momoka, Kanako and Akira are shocked to see another animal.


Introducted Extinct Animal

Chimera II


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