Swallowing Whole
Translated Title

Swallowing Whole

English Title

Swallowing Whole

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Snake and Frog
Dangerous Strategy
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Chimera stops attacking giving Akira's Group a chance to retreat momentarily.

Full Summary

Akira's Group watches as Chimera swallows Miina whole. Chimera turns and sees Akira's Group and it roars. Akira runs past Kouichi toward Chimera. Chimera fends Akira's attack off with its paw. Kouichi helps Akira up and decides what to do next. Chimera paces up and runs them over. Kouichi wakes up first and finds Akira holding a shoe. He recognises it as Miina's shoe. Akira's still grieving for Miina. Akira's Group watches as Akira and Kouichi fail to defeat Chimera. They think they are next when Chimera starts to roar. Chimera doesn't chase after them, instead it just sit down. Akira's Group seems confused.

Everyone is tending the injured people. Junichi exams Momoka's arm and suggests a splint. Maya is confused of Chimera's action. Ryouichi suggests they run away. Maya reminds him of Yuki. He doesn't want to be eaten alive like Miina. Shirou explains about eaten alive from a snake. Rei doesn't want to hear anymore of this. Shirou thinks Miina's alive because Chimera just wokes up from its hibernating condition. Akira agrees a rescue plan to save Miina. Ryouichi isn't very conviced since most of them hardly can move freely anymore. Chimera keeps getting stronger. Kouichi joins in the conversation and suggests a way.



  • Junichi used to do judo and knows how to handle fractures.

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