Snake and Frog
Translated Title

Snake and Frog

English Title

Snake and Frog

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Arrival of the Strongest
Swallowing Whole
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi and Akira has a plan against Chimera. Also Miina has a plan of his own and fails miserably.

Full Summary

Kouichi and Akira are facing Chimera together. Akira tells Kouichi about Chimera's strong and weakness points. Kouichi has an idea to form a plan. Akira watches as Kouichi dodges Chimera's attack to come closer to the animal.

Saki and Mami are heading back to the base. Mami hopes Kouichi wouldn't be mad at her for saying mean things about him. Saki reassures her everything will be fine.

Akira's Group is stunned as Kouichi manages to climb on top of Chimera's head. Even Shirou is stunned by Kouichi's tactic. Kouichi continues to punch Chimera's neck as the animal sets its tongue on Kouichi. Akira attacks Chimera on its leg. Akira's Group cheers as they see the plan is working. Miina has another plan and he requires Ryouichi's jacket. Akira and Kouichi continue their attack until Chimera has enough. It uses its paw to fend Akira's attack and shakes its head to evade Kouichi's. Kouichi loses his balance and falls down. Chimera makes a charge toward the duo. They evade the charge with ease. Chimera charges again toward them. Akira and Kouichi notice Chimera's tactic has changed. Shirou knows what is going on. He explains to the group while hibernating its body was in a lethargic state. After it wakes up, the body starts to warm up and recover its strength. Kouichi is unable to climb on Chimera's head. Akira doesn't have another plan right now. During the battle Miina manages to come closer to the animal by using Ryouichi's jacket as a camouflage. Under its belly Miina comes out from hiding and pierces Chimera with his Spear. But it won't go in and Chimera notices that. It sets its gaze at Miina. With one big bite Chimera swallows Miina as a whole. Akira's Group sees Miina has been eaten by Chimera.



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