Arrival of the Strongest
Translated Title

Arrival of the Strongest

English Title

Arrival of the Strongest

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Horrifying Failure
Snake and Frog
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi wakes up from his comatose state and helps Akira out.

Full Summary

Akira's Group tries to run away from Chimera. Akira orders his group to help the injured to move. Ugen doesn't have another Smoke Grenade to blind the animal temporary. Akira looks at his group with unease as his best female fighters unable to defeat the animal. Furthermore Yuki fell into trapdoor and they aren't able to mount a rescue mission. He leaves Maya in Kazunari's care as he heads back to check on Yuki. The group watches as Akira dashes toward Chimera. Chimera attacks Akira with its tongue. Akira dodges and rolls beneath the belly of the beast. He runs to the trapdoor where Yuki fell in and calls for Yuki. Admist the darkness no sound replies Akira's call. Akira notices suddenly a shadow above him. He turns and sees the Chimera is standing behind him. This time Chimera's tongue hits Akira its target. Chimera tries to squash Akira with its leg. Luckly Akira rolls away by an inch. Rion runs toward Akira. Akira tries to get up, but he couldn't. Kouichi comes out of nowhere and distracts Chimera. Chimera attacks again with its tongue, but Kouichi manages to evade each attacks. Kouichi uses his Keys to scratch Chimera's nose. Akira gets up and together they will face Chimera head on.



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