Horrifying Failure
Translated Title

Horrifying Failure

English Title

Horrifying Failure

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Awakening Monster
Arrival of the Strongest
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Maya, Aya and Momoka couldn't stop Chimera's attack due to its near 360-degree range of vision, enabling it to see all of their attacks and counter accordingly. Akira recognises something familiar about the animal. Mami tries to convice Kouichi to help her group.

Full Summary

Momoka was heading toward the back of the Chimera when suddenly the Chimera's tongue hits her. Maya and Aya see Momoka crashing to the ground. Momoka tries to make sense how the animal knew of her attack. Upon her gaze at the animal she sees an eye fixing at her. She realizes now the animal can see nearly 360-degree vision. Maya jumps in on her attack as the Chimera sets its attack on Momoka. She uses all her strength on kicking the animal's leg. It has no effects at all and Chimera kicks her back. Aya jumps high to attack the Chimera's eye. But sadly Chimera's tongue intercepts her earlier then her target. Akira's Group watches as the trio girls falling before the Chimera. A Can falls near Maya. Suddenly smoke comes out from the can. Akira grabs Maya and carries her to safely. Rion and Ugen carry Aya and Momoka out of the danger zone. Ugen was the one who throw the Smoke Can to help their escape. Akira asks Maya where the animal came from. Maya explains the animal came from the trapdoor and Shirou can't identify the animal species. Akira figures out the Chimera probably is a failed experiment. He orders his group to retreat and Maya mentions Yuki fell into the trapdoor.

Inside the forest Saki tries to comfort Kouichi. Mami steps in and reasons with Kouichi about his recent action. She takes pride about talking Akira's sacrifice to the group and tries to wake Kouichi up from his comatose state. While thinking about Motoko, Kouichi's body starts to react.


Introducted Survival Item

Smoke Grenade


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