Awakening Monster
Translated Title

Awakening Monster

English Title

Awakening Monster

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Horrifying Failure
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and the others hears something and they head back to The Tower to investigate. The Chimera starts its attack on Akira's Group. A trio of girls make their offensive.

Full Summary

Akira and the others hear some screaming near The Tower. They all head back except for Saki and Kouichi.

The Chimera roars at Akira's Group. Shirou has a hard time analysing the unknown animal because of its many weird features. He suggests the animals is some kind of a Chimera and notices its weird behaviour. The Chimera is walking very slowly toward them. Shirou orders the group to run away. The Chimera attacks with its tongue and hits Yuki in the process. She falls into the trapdoor. Shirou compares the tongue like a giant anteater. Everyone duck down to avoid the Chimera's tongue, but a few got hit by it. Seigou helps Koyomi up and asks everyone to help with the injured. Shirou and Takashi argue what to do next. Shirou prefers they escape as a group even it costs Yuki's life. Maya notices the Chimera's weird movement also. She suggests to defeat the animal before it regains its full strength. Aya and Momoka will help her out. Maya has a plan.

Akira, Rion and Ugen emerge from the forest and see an unknown animal in front of Maya, Aya and Momoka. Maya and Aya head toward the Chimera and evade its tongue's attack. During one of the attack, Aya notices her skirt went up a bit. Because of that distraction Aya got hit by Chimera's tongue. Maya manages to evade the tongue of her slight distraction. Momoka tells them to back off since she arrives at the place according to the plan. The plan was to lure the Chimera's attack on Maya and Aya. While Momoka attacked the animal from behind. Momoka charges against the Chimera's back. Her eyes see something on its back.



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