Translated Title


English Title


Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

The Past of a Mad Dog
Awakening Monster
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

A Chimera emerges from the trapdoor and sets its eyes on Akira's Group. The battle between Kouichi and Akira comes to an end.

Full Summary

Ryouichi swears he heard something inside the trapdoor. Shirou and Maya suggest they head back when they felt an tremor. One of the trapdoor falls down and they see smoke between the trapdoors. Shirou notices something is moving. A dark figure emerges within the smoke.

Saki notices Kouichi's strength isn't very highly as usual. Kouichi starts his attack and misses. Akira counterattacks and hit Kouichi's face. Kouichi kicks, but is blocked by Akira's arm. Akira spears on Kouichi's stomach. Rion notices Akira's strength has increased, but Saki believes Kouichi has become weaker. Kouichi won't kill Akira, because Akira is Kouichi's first close friend. After a headbutt Kouichi collapses on his knees. Kouichi can't kill Akira and wonders if he's weak. Saki feels sorry for Kouichi. Rion asks Akira if he's alright. Ugen notices a small tremor and hears a scream.

Akira's Group is backing off the trapdoor. Shirou sees a paw at first rising from the smoke and then the whole body emerge from the underground trapdoor. It has 3 heads attached to its body. Akira's Group starts to flee away from the animal. Shirou hasn't had a clue about the animal.



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