The Past of a Mad Dog
Translated Title

The Past of a Mad Dog

English Title

The Past of a Mad Dog

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Kill the Friend
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Ugen appears and explains Kouichi's past to others. Meanwhile the Chimera is beginning to wake up from its slumber under trapdoor.

Full Summary

Kouichi asks Akira to stand up and continues their fight. Akira can't believe Takashi's vendetta against him. Rion suggests they surround the Pyramid and force Takashi to do the surgery. Kouichi is sure Takashi will kill Motoko during the operation. Ugen joins in the conversation. Akira asks him what should they do in order to save Motoko. Ugen suggests they continue the fight. Everyone is confused by that suggestion. Ugen reveals Kouichi already lost his mother twice. Kouichi says nothing to response. Ugen tells Kouichi's history to the group. Kouichi's Father is a very rich businessman and has fathered many children, but not claimed. Kouichi's Birthmother and Kouichi were really close. His mother died due to a car incident. Kouichi suddenly changed into a violent kid. His Aunt took him under her wing. Kyouko was a very active and cheerful person. Saki recognises her from Kouichi's description. Alas Kyouko died a few years later and Kouichi returned to his violent nature. The group starts to make sense of Kouichi's character. Akira gets up and asks to continue the fight. Ugen watches as the two boys prepare for a fight.

At the Pyramid, Takashi is enjoying his dinner. He wonders how Kouichi is doing right now. Someone comes in and reports they have found an elevator inside the Pyramid. Takashi takes his jacket and notices the skulls on the shelf. He wonders if the animals are still alive somewhere.

Ryouichi and Sanae bring the others to the trapdoors. Shizuka takes a look inside the trapdoor. Ryouichi tries to peek at her underwear. His gaze was intercepted by Seigou's also. Shizuka can't see anything down there. Beneath the group a dark figure starts to wake up from its hibernation sleep. Its scent tells it the food is nearby.


Introducted Characters

Kouichi's Father, Kouichi's Birthmother

Introducted Extinct Animal



  • The woman Kouichi calls his mother is actually his Aunt, who took him in and raised him as her own son when his Mother (her older sister) died when he was six.
  • Kouichi's Birthmother died when Kouichi was 6.

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