Kill the Friend
Translated Title

Kill the Friend

English Title

Kill the Friend

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

The Fourth Tower
The Past of a Mad Dog
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi attempts to kill Akira, only for Saki, Rion, and Mami to interfere. Meanwhile, the Chimera awakens inside the trap.

Full Summary

Rion and Saki are sitting by the Campfire. They have been friends since elementary school. Saki doesn't have good memories about them. Rion always outshined her at the time. Saki notices the girls in the group have bigger boobs than hers. She can't stand it any more and decides to stay at Kouichi's side. Akira and Kouichi aren't at their seats. Yasunori tells Saki they were heading toward the forest. Saki and Mami both have a bad feeling and run after them.

Kouichi and Akira are alone in the forest. Akira wonders why are they in the forest? Kouichi reveals he needs to kill him. Akira doesn't get that revelation. Kouichi turns and heads toward Akira's position. He punches his fist at Akira's face and misses by an inch. Akira manages to evade the second punch. He doesn't know why Kouichi wants to kill him, but he won't be kill so easily. Rion, Saki and Mami are running through the forest in search for Akira and Kouichi. At a corner they find Kouichi kicks Akira on his stomach. Akira sees them and warns them not to come any closer. On his knees Akira asks Kouichi why. Kouichi reveals Motoko's going to die. Takashi gave him an ultimatum in exchange for Motoko's life, he needs to kill Akira. Kouichi prepares for a final blow. Saki intercepts and is hurt by her side. She pleads Kouichi to stop the fighting. Kouichi wants to kill Akira, but his face tells another story. Saki notices Kouichi's punch isn't meant to kill. Kouichi has no choice but to give in Takashi's ultimatum. Mami notices an indifferent between the fight and her premonition. The boys didn't carry a weapons at this moment. She is afraid the premonition will still happen.

Ryouichi and Sanae are alone at the trapdoors. They hear a sound nearby, but they don't know where it came from.



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