The Fourth Tower
Translated Title

The Fourth Tower

English Title

The Fourth Tower

Volume 17

Failed Experiment Arc

Strong Bond
Kill the Friend
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi, Mami and Saki arrive at The Tower and Kouichi suggests to Akira that they should go to the 4th tower.

Full Summary

Akira has been sleeping from his fever for the last 2 days. Rion still worries about him. Takashi comes in and reports that Mami is back with Kouichi. Akira's Group watches the newcomers with unease tension. Saki notices Akira's Group is quite large. Kouichi hears when Mami explains there are around 30 people in the group. Akira greets them and is glad Mami is save and sound. Kouichi and Akira shake hands after not seeing each other for a while. Shirou suggests Akira gives Kouichi a tour to The Tower. On their way to the Tower, Akira notices Motoko's absence. Kouichi explains she stays at the Pyramid with others students. Saki notices his lie to Akira. Mami feels uncertain about her premonition.

Akira shows Kouichi Miina's plate and promises to introduce her to him. Kouichi notices the words beneath Miina's name and suggests he's seen it before. Akira takes him to the back with the coordinates numbers. They are 5 days away from Okinawa by Boat. But they still need to build a boat yet. It will take a few months to complete it. Until that time it's already to late, says Kouichi softly. Kouichi compliments Akira for his investigation. Akira couldn't take the credit himself, but his group helps him. Kouichi reveals his own investigation by showing his Map of the island. He tells them about the Lighthouse and the stuff they found there. Shirou exams the Hard Drive and promises to retrieve the information. Kouichi points out there are 4 towers on the island and they already explore 3 towers together. The last tower should a human residential building and perhaps survivors inside. Akira's Group starts to discuss about the news.

At night Kouichi and Akira sit next to each other eating some fishes. Kouichi compliments Akira for building a country here. Akira manages to lead the others to unite under one place. Kouichi doesn't have that kind of power. Akira asks him what to do next. Kouichi gets up and asks him to talk privately.


Introducted Survival Items

Boat, Hard Drive


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