Strong Bond
Translated Title

Strong Bond

English Title

Strong Bond

Volume 16

Failed Experiment Arc

The Fourth Tower
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira dreams about how life is in school. Kouichi finally comes The Tower.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is inside Akira's tent. Kanako detects a fever on him, but she thinks Akira will be okay if he rested for a while. Ryouichi thinks Akira caught a disease beneath the Pyramid. Shizuka dismisses the theory since nobody else caught something. Everyone is hoping Akira will get well.

Akira wakes up at class. Yuki is angry at him. They need to leave for the next period. She couldn't always watch over him because she is class president. Akira looks at the testscore board and wonders who's Shirou Mariya? Tadashi and Shinji explains Shirou's family history to him. Akira knows he will never talk to that kind of person. Makoto has something to show him. Akira is amazed of the girl's lockerroom. On his way back to home, Akira encounters Kazuma and kids. Kazuma demands Akira to return the psp deluxe he stole from the kids. The kids explains to Kazuma that Akira isn't the thief and they leave him alone. A ball heads toward Akira. He dives and bouces the ball to Kouhei to win the match. Kouhei compliments him for being the next main player. In her room Rion is helping Akira out with his homework. Rion mentions Valentine day's chocolate. Akira knews he will get at least 2 or 3 chocolates. Rion already makes up her mind about giving her chocolate to Akira. Akira blushes when he sees Rion's boobs sitting on the table. Rion gets embarrass and scolds him for being a pervert. He returns to his home and asks his mother for dinner. At the dinner table Akira's Mother mentions his poor score and proposing Rion to be Akira's wife. Akira looks at his mother and he wakes up from his dream. Everyone feels relieved that he wakes up. Akira tells everyone about his dream and mentions the differents between his group. Despites the differents they were able to create a strong bonds here. Akira vows they must make it back home.

Kouichi's carrying Mami on his back. Saki is having a hard time keeping up with Kouichi's pace. She promises Motoko to look after Kouichi. Saki looks in front of her and wonders why Kouichi stops walking. They look over the horizon and see The Tower.



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