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Volume 16

Failed Experiment Arc

High Play
Strong Bond
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi and Mami travel back to The Tower. Someone in Akira's Group has fallen ill.

Full Summary

Kouichi says goodbye to his group as he sets off to The Antenna Tower. Michika and Makiko are worrying about him. Kouichi reassures them it will only takes a few days and he will come back later. Mami will lead him to her base. The girls are afraid Takashi will punish him, but Kouichi already reaches an agreement with Takashi. Kouichi leaves with Mami in tow.

Saki is inside Motoko's tent. Motoko asks her why she didn't say goodbye to Kouichi. Kouichi requests Saki not to follow him. Saki notices Kouichi's weird behaviour. Motoko wonders, did something happen? Saki recalls the meeting between Kouichi and Takashi. After that Kouichi starts to behave oddly. Motoko convices Saki to leave and helps Kouichi out. Before Saki leaves, Motoko gives her blessing to Saki and Kouichi. Saki wonders if Motoko already knows about her condition?

Kouichi and Mami are on their way to the Tower. Mami tries to interpret her premonition about Kouichi and Akira. Kouichi recalls his meeting with Takashi. Takashi probably has a cure for Motoko. But in order to save Kurusu, he needs Kouichi to kill Akira. Kouichi needs to choose Akira or Motoko to die. Back at the Pyramid, Takashi is happy with his decision with Kouichi. One of the kids will die by his will.

Akira and Shirou review their plan to the group. They will make Rafts to travel to the ocean. At the shore they will build a larger Boat to travel to Okinawa. The group starts collecting wood at the river side. Akira apologises to Kanako and Miina about the danger they faced at the Pyramid. They didn't mind it. The group depends on Akira's strength to brace themselves up. Rion agrees it and she pads Akira's shoulder. Akira faints down on the ground. Everyone starts to worry about their leader.


Introducted Survival Items



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