High Play
Translated Title

High Play

English Title

High Play

Volume 16

Failed Experiment Arc

Secret of the Tower
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Shirou explains their location compared to the outside world and a way to possibly leave the island.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is shocked by Shirou's discovery. Shirou explains that Okinotori Islands are part of Tokyo district and they are located 1700 km south of Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. Shirou uses his laptop to show others their their location and that they are around 850 km away from Okinawa. Akira thinks of building a boat, but Shirou has another plan and reveals that by using the ocean current to Okinawa, Shirou estimates they can travel 150 km within 5 days. Akira's Group is delighted by the good news. While thinking about the ocean, it reminds Akira about the Basilosaurus they encountered in the inlets. Akira tells the group what they found at the Pyramid, which shocks them. It starts to make sense to Shirou that there are extinct animals, edible fruits and the man-made buildings. Shirou also says that the biggest evidence is the Encyclopedia of Extinct Animals, since the details are too accurate. However, Akira thinks a lot of countries are involved with this project and therefore no one will come to their rescue. The group discusses the issue and Akira has one last mystery unsolved: He can't guess why Miina Isurugi is carved on the plate. Maya speaks out that they should focus returning to Japan first than rather questioning about the research facilities and asks Akira, what they should do.


Introducted Locations

Okinotori Islands, Okinawa


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