Secret of the Tower
Translated Title

Secret of the Tower

English Title

Secret of the Tower

Volume 16

Failed Experiment Arc

Way Back
High Play
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Shirou shows Akira the plate on The Tower and reveals that they actually might be close to Japan.

Full Summary

Kouichi returns to his tent. Saki is asking him what Takashi wants from him after requesting to leave. Kouichi says nothing and heads into sleep. The next morning everyone is working at the Pyramid except Kouichi and Motoko. Kouichi is already done with his work this morning. Out of nowhere Motoko requests she will cook for Kouichi if they go back to Japan. She knows Kouichi hasn't had a home-made cooking for a while. Kouichi just stares at her and says nothing except changing her towel. Takashi is eating his lunch at his tent. Kouichi storms in and ignores the guard warning. He will do what Takashi asks of him.

Back at the oase, the girls are happy to bath after a while. Shizuka asks for an update on the camp. Maya warns her about Yuki's obession about Akira. Asuka and Momoka notice the huge breasts of Rion and Kanako. It reminds Momoka about Maradona and Pele. Rei joins in the conversation and shows them her enormous breasts. Miina is nearby, but it doesn't affect him at all.

Akira has to wait for the girls to return before Mariya reveals their discovery. Both groups are anxious to tell their tales. The girls finally return from their baths. The whole group heads toward The Tower. Seigou catches up with Akira. He wanna knows about Takashi. Akira can only tell him that he's a bad doctor. On top of a hill Shirou shows Akira's Pyramid Party their finding. It displays the layout of the Tower including all trapdoors. But Shirou has more to show them. At the excavation site they managed to dig out 3 other statues aside the first statue they already found. It was placed at four corners around the Tower. Akira finds it incredible. Shirou has one more surprise left. They walk toward the back of the Tower. Akira recalls before they left, they only excavated the frontside. On the back Akira sees more writing on it. Shirou suggests it's likely the coordinates of The Island. On Shirou's Laptop he shows Akira again the flight plan. With the new coordinates they now know where they are. Rion sees more writing next to the coordinates. Akira reads the unclearly word Caelum (Japan). Akira's Pyramid Party is almost stunned to see the word Japan on it. Shirou has only one conclusion about the word. He believes they are in Japan.



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