Way Back
Translated Title

Way Back

English Title

Way Back

Volume 16

Pyramid Arc

Unbelievable Prediction
Secret of the Tower
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Takashi has a nasty plan for Kouichi. Akira's Pyramid Party finally returns to base camp at The Tower.

Full Summary

Arisa explains the background history between Kouichi and Akira to Takashi. She heard it from the girls from Kouichi's Group. Before Katsuragi, Shiraishi and Arisa leave the tent, Takashi reassures them that Saito will leave them alone. Now Takashi knows everything he needs to plan his revenge.

At Kouichi's tent, three unknown men come inside the tent. Kouichi grabs a hold on one of the men. They quickly reply that they are friends. Duo, Heero and Quatre came here to deliver a message to him. Kouichi prefers they talk outside the tent. They hand him the Note over and head toward their tent. Before Kouichi could finish reading the Note, Saki lifts it from his hand. She has been earsdropping since the men came inside the tent. Kouichi wants the Note back. Saki didn't realise Kouichi has friends. Kouichi doesn't answer her back. Saki recalls her kissing Kouichi for the first time and waits for Kouichi finally answers her feeling back. Takashi comes unannouced between them and gives an update about Motoko. Kouichi and Saki light up when Takashi said he has a way to cure her.

Akira's Pyramid Party finally sees The Tower ahead of them. They dash at the last round. Halfway down the road they encounter a welcome party is heading toward them. They are glad to see each other after being away for two weeks. Seigou is pleased to see Akira again. Akira informs the group that Mami is staying at the Pyramid for a while. Amidst the group Akira manages to spot Shirou. Akira has some tales to tell and Shirou vice versa.



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