Unbelievable Prediction
Translated Title

Unbelievable Prediction

English Title

Unbelievable Prediction

Volume 16

Pyramid Arc

Death to Approach
Way Back
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi protects Mami from Takashi, while she has a premonition about Kouichi fighting against Akira.

Full Summary

Takashi is at his tent fixing his scar. During the explosion his face got scarred. He tries to blame the person, either Ugen or Akira. Kouichi looks over Motoko while she sleeps. In his mind Segawa suggested that Kouichi likes Motoko.

It's very busy at the Pyramid. People are bringing logs to support the tunnel of the Pyramid. Saito is overseen the site. The old man admires Akira's Pyramid Party to go into the tunnel. They know what will happen if they don't do what Takashi says. The girls and Mami go the river to clean up. Michika and Makiko wanna know if there is any good looking guys at Akira's Group. Mami tries to think one of them, but fails. The girls already have Kouichi at their side. Mami wanna knows what kind of person Kouichi is. They tells her some bits, but Motoko knows him better than the girls. She recalls the time when Akira met Kouichi met each other for the first time and how well they develope a trust relationship. Mami has a hard time dealing with her premonition about the two. More and more logs are bringing into the Pyramid sites. Katsuragi, Arisa and Shiraishi are discussing about Kouichi's arrvial. Saito orders the students to go into the tunnel, but he prefers Arisa to stay at his side. The boys don´t dare to challenge him. But Kouichi does mind. Saito warns Kouichi that he´s a professional boxer. Kouichi uses one hand to disable him and walks away from him. Saito doesn´t give up and picks up a sharp rock. He attacks Kouichi from behind. With a swift move, Kouichi kicks Saito hard. Everyone is watching the scene including Mami. She recalls her premonition very much clearly now. Mami sees Kouichi and Akira fighting for their lives. Takashi sees the event from afar and he got a idea involving Kouichi.


Introducted Character



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