Death to Approach
Translated Title

Death to Approach

English Title

Death to Approach

Volume 16

Pyramid Arc

Unbelievable Prediction
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Takashi explains Motoko's condition to Kouichi. Saki approaches Kouichi and confesses her feelings to him.

Full Summary

Kouichi can't believe the fact that Motoko will die. Takashi explains Motoko's illness to the group. Kouichi wants Takashi to cure her. But he doesn't have the facilities and equipments to do that.

The lolicon men will deliver the Note to Kouichi in person. Akira thanks them, but they didn't do it for Akira. Miina waves goodbye to the lolicon men. The group is curious what Akira puts in the Note. Daigo tries to smoke a cigarette, but it was taken away by Ugen. The cigarettes belong to Ugen originally. Daigo reminds Ugen about the students they left behind. Ugen doesn't show any negligence. Ryouichi wonders what the others will react from their discovery. Akira believes Shirou has a surprise for them upon arrival. Since they solve the mysteries of both towers. The group believe they will know a way out of here.

Back at Motoko's tent, Motoko feels a bit better. Kouichi can't look straight at her eyes, since Takashi requested them not to tell the patient the truth. Motoko felt bad about being sick. The girls try to cheer up her. Mami meets Motoko for the first time. She informs Motoko that Akira and his group are on their way back to The Tower. Kouichi already knew that Akira had stayed at the "Antenna Tower". Motoko believes that Kouichi and Akira will solve The Island's mystery together. Everyone watch as Motoko thinks very positive.

Saki is walking Mr. Lucky around. She finds Kouichi lying on a grass floor. Kouichi remains silent while Saki tries to comfort him. Since he didn't move or talked, Saki kisses Kouichi. It makes Kouichi wakes up. After feeling awkward she leaves, but not after leaving a suggestion that Kouichi might like Motoko after all.



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