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Volume 16

Pyramid Arc

Time Limit
Death to Approach
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi asks Takashi to cure Kurusu and meanwhile Akira's Pyramid Party heads back without Mami.

Full Summary

Kouichi asks for the doctor. Takashi couldn't believe that Daigo has told this group about him. Takashi introduces himself. Daigo asks what's happend here. Takashi gives no answer. Kouichi will fetch Motoko to him and offers Mami to come with him. Mami sees Kouichi as not being a bad person, but she can't explain her premonition about Kouichi fights with Akira.

Akira's Pyramid Party meet with each other along with other friends. Kairi explains Mami's fate to them. Akira tries to think a plan to rescue her. Out of the bush Daigo finds the group again. He explains he's brought Kouichi's Group to the Pyramid. Akira leaves Mami's fate to Kouichi as he wishes to return to The Tower. The others doubt about Kouichi. Akira will leave a Note to Kouichi to take care of Mami for them. In order to deliver the message, Akira passes the Note to the lolicon men. Duo, Heero and Quatre refuse that. They want to leave with Miina together. Miina seduces the men to carry out the order.

Kouichi bring his group into the Nishikiori's camp. Kouichi remains outside the tent while Takashi asks Motoko for her symptoms. Takashi exams her body and concludes her symptoms are caused by stress. The girls are relieved of the news. At the water well Takashi cleans his wound. Kouichi comes from behind and confronts Takashi with his diagnosis. Takashi has lied about Motoko's illness. Her real diagnosis is that she's bleeding internally. In a few weeks, she will die. Kouichi can't believe that fact.


Introducted Survival Items



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