Time Limit
Translated Title

Time Limit

English Title

Time Limit

Volume 16

Pyramid Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Miina releases Kanako and Ugen from the stake. Nishikiori's Group was confused by the smoke. Only one member from Akira's Pyramid Party got captured. Yet another group arrived at the Pyramid.

Full Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party and Nishikiori's Group watch as Kanako and Ugen are being burnt alive. The fire is almost reached them. Below the stake a few Cans start to unbuckle. It makes a huge explosion at the stake. Nishikiori's Group is dissary from the smoke. Akira wonders if this is Ugen's plan. Ugen explains his plan to Kanako about chemical reaction. Miina finds them and bites the rope free. After being free from the pole, Miina leads them to safety.

Kouichi's Group and Daigo hear the explosion. Kouichi puts Motoko down and tell the group that he will scout ahead. Akira orders the group to split up and rendevous on the outside. Kanako sees Akira and hugs him very tight. The rest of Akira's Pyramid Party heads toward the stairs. Kairi and Mami are the last ones to climb up. Someone grabs Mami's arm from behind. It was Takashi. Kairi tries to free Mami, but Mami requests him to leave without her. After understanding to that request, Kairi runs up the stairs, leaving her behind. Takashi is mad at Mami. His face got scratched by some wood in the explosion. He will make her pay for that. Kouichi grabs Mami away from Takashi. Katsuragi and co. recognise him. Kouichi asks Takashi if the doctor can take a look at his people. Mami has seen Kouichi before. It was from her previous premonition.


Introducted Survival Items

Time Bomb


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