Translated Title


English Title


Volume 14

Pyramid Arc

Unnatural Life
Time Limit
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Pyramid Party confronts Takashi Nishikiori and his group. A pair of beloved characters will burn on the stake.

Full Summary

The three lolicon men ask Kanako and Ugen if they are sure to remain inside the holding cell. They want to wait for Akira's Pyramid Party to return. Ugen uses a mixture of the Bullet and Freezer Pack to make something very interesting reaction. Someone yells out that the Akira's Pyramid Party has returned. Takashi hears that also. Nishikiori's Group watches as Akira heads toward Takashi. He presents Takashi the animal's skull he found down on the lab. Nishikiori's Group hears what Akira told them what's inside the Pyramid. Takashi believes in Akira's story. He has heard it before. The others start to believe it also. Takashi orders the old man to choose 15 strong men. They will investigate the Pyramid further. Takashi appoints Akira as their leader. Akira refuses that offer. Further he requests anyone from Nishikiori's Group to go with them back to the The Tower. No one accepts that offer, not even Katsuragi and co. Suddenly Takashi orders the capture of Akira's Pyramid Party. After a few struggles the whole group is pinned down. Takashi invites them to witness an execution.

Kanako and Ugen are strapped on a pole. Three men are standing by to fire the stake. Takashi gives the order. The stake is on fire. Akira's Pyramid Party can't do anything but to watch. Akira tries to reason with Takashi, but fails. In response Takashi hits Akira's neck. It makes Akira dizzy from it. Since they refuse to cooperate with him, they will die next. The fire starts to spread high on Kanako and Ugen. Kanako wonders if Ugen's plan will work. Takashi explains to Akira how a person is burnt alive. Akira is certain that Takashi is insane.

Daigo is getting sick of coming to the Pyramid. Kouichi's Group finally arrives at the Pyramid. Kouichi will bring Motoko to the doctor.



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